Tried and Trusted.


I can’t be the only one that gets enjoyment from peering in other peoples make up bags, so here’s a little look inside mine. I have relatively easy skin. The odd hormonal spot and dry patches when the weather changes, but on the whole I’m quite lucky. I like to try new things and change out some products, I’m not super loyal to my exfoliators or face masks, but these are the few things I tend to stick with.


Embyolisse - Lait Creme Concentre

Available from Boots and a large number of other retailers. It’s a rich moisturiser and one bottle lasts me half the year. Which isn’t bad going. My skin responds well to rich creams and tends to break out using things with more watery consistencies. It’s not heavily scented, just smells faintly like french skincare.

I’d compare it to the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, another product my skin really loves, although the Bobbi Brown has a slightly more oily consistency. The Embolisse does most of the same things and does a bit less damage to my bank balance. I’d always argue your skin is worth spending some money on.


Laura Mercier - Flawless skin

My one big dream in life is to achieve that glowy thing. The one that Estee Lalonde seems to possess, every day she rolls out of bed with bouncy glowing skin. I haven’t reached it yet, but when I do I can die happy.

In that never ending effort I have purchased this. I like to apply a heavy layer at night or before I attempt to massage my face. Another recently adopted effort for better skin is trying Gankin massage (when I remember.) Combine the oil with the massage and suddenly I feel like I’ve got my shit together. Rose is well known for it’s moisturising qualities and abilities to calm inflammation. It feels and smells like luxury.


Kiehl’s - Creamy Eye Treatment

Supposedly eye cream will save us all. It will hold back time and keep us all eternally young. Eye cream is the fountain of youth.

This one is enriched with avocado oil and strikes the right balance between creamy and oily, gently moisturising the delicate skin around your eyes. Thus far it has yet it migrate in to my eye, which is always a plus. I apply it at least twice a day, at night and before I put on my makeup. It moisturised well without sitting on the skin and interfering with everything that comes after. Somehow it’s also always cooling, making it pleasantly refreshing to tired eyes.



The millennial beauty brand. With the motto of focusing on skin first, Glossier delivers. My picks are Stretch Concealer and Cloud Paint in Beam.

This is not makeup for those who favour full coverage. The concealer is sheer, but buildable. And is favoured by makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes to use as foundation on her many celebrity clients. It allows her to place coverage only where it’s needed. It has glow built in to its formula, leaving you with the perfect dewy face.

Cloud paint can be scary, a tiny amount packs a lot of pigment, but when handled with care it adds just the right colour for a natural healthy flush. It’s best to start small but if mistakes are made it can be buffed to become part of the face.


I’ll keep you updated on if I ever reach glowy heaven, but these are my weapons of choice in the war against ageing and pollution and just about everything else. My final note is possibly the most important one. In the famous words of blogger Gelcream: If you’re seeing this, drink some water. That’s the real thing for good skin.

Annelies Hill