Stick of Butter Style


Winter dressing just got easier, and so very creamy.


I have always found white jeans or trousers, or anything pale that goes on your bottom half, intimidating. What is normally so easy to put on (one leg at a time, like everybody else) is suddenly this enormous swathe of threateningly easy to stain white. I’ve also had issues figuring out when white is seasonally appropriate, summer yes but winter? Do you wear it with more pale colours? Or go for black to contrast? Is that too much contrast? I’m definitely overthinking, but white jeans are hard to master.

Enter Harling Ross, an angel, my saviour. A writer for the brilliant fashion blog Man Repeller, her Instagram hashtag ‘stickofbutter’ saved me. She describes her ideal winter aesthetic as something comparable to a stick of butter. Mixing together all the pale colours of her wardrobe, leading to endless beautiful pale (utterly buttery) winter outfits. 

Once you start thinking about dressing like a stick of butter, you can’t stop. It’s an incredibly easy formula. All you have to do is combine your favourite white, ivory, yellow and taupe clothes. And behold you are the reprieve from the darkness of typical winter dressing, which often features a lot of utilitarian dull colours. With butter as your sartorial muse, it’s hard not to feel luxuriously indulgent. Universally appealing. Calling something ‘buttery’ has always been a delightful turn of phrase. 


Unsurprisingly Harling and I are not the only ones who want to be slathered in butter. Just search the hashtag and you’re in for a treat. Backed up by a growing sea of women, making their own butter puns, a movement begins. Then unintentionally endorsed by the spring runways. With a decidedly neutral palette, beige was no longer one washed out hue. It was a beautiful buttery rainbow. Natacha Ramsay-Levi presented a sandy vision at Chloe, Loewe offered beurre noisette pristine suiting. It had many incarnations across the assortment of designers, they were all unified by one sentiment, the best way to wear it is head-to-toe. Transforming the wearer to immediate grown-up elegance, bathing in heavenly butter. 

Part of the butter formula’s success is its accessibility, it’s a winter style hack. Making the prospect of leaving your duvet on a frigid morning just a little bit better. It’s an instant, melt in your mouth (or rather melt on your body) recipe that makes you look and feel fantastic in a matter of seconds. Butter is the intrepid superhero to your grey Monday mornings, it has defeated my fear of winter white dressing. With its creamy tonal nuances, there’s buttery goodness for everyone. However maybe find a good dry cleaner and avoid all tomato-based foods.

Annelies Hill