Layer Up


It’s cold outside.


Over the past year large and abstract arrangements of earrings have reigned as the go to statement for jewellery. Perhaps our earlobes need a break. The coin necklace trend of SS18 has grown in to the return of layered necklaces.

When it comes to necklaces, more is more. From layers upon layers of gold chains to vintage pendants and dainty chokers, there’s something for everyone. And although it may seem confusing at first, it’s an art that is relatively easy to master. If you’re dead set on the trend, then gold is the way to go but you can always pick a different colour to suit you (a real connoisseur might even mix metals.) A mainstay of most stacks is a mixture chains, different textures and styles make each piece stand out, and these don’t have to be huge and crazy. Dainty layering is possible too.


If you’re more of a maximalist the place to start with pendants is coin necklaces. A very traditional piece making the rounds at every jewellery retailer, and is therefore available in every size and option conceivable. Then add your statement, a huge chain or unusual pendant. Finish off with something personal, initial necklaces are most accessible. Alternatively, I hunt mine out of my great grandmother’s jewellery collection. Nothing ever really goes out of style, it all cycles round again.

Once you’ve assembled your stack, be that minimalist or maximalist, the real way to make sure all your layers mix is choosing different lengths. Letting each pendant have a moment to shine. There isn’t really a wrong way to do it, be playful and you’ll find a combination you like.

If you still want to accessorise some more with earrings and other jewellery, why not? After all, didn’t we say more is more? Subtlety is overrated.

Annelies Hill