All that Glitters


Is sort of gold.


I have survived university. I won’t lie to you and tell you I’ve come out unscathed, but it’s been alright. So here we are at the final project, the last hurrah, and I probably wouldn’t have made it here with my sanity intact if not for the community of women in my life. Apparently it does take a village. There’s no denying it, women are great. I have always seen the women around me as these majestic magical creatures, even if they don’t always see that about themselves.


As I arrived at writing my final brief I realised that I have been designing for the same demographic for the entirety of the past three years: Female, millennial, stylish - a three word summary of my friends.

I’m not sure it was a deliberate choice. It was just a woman that I knew, understood and loved designing for. But what to do for my final collection? Something commercial. Gold, to fit the trends. It just needed something else to make it a bit more interesting, resin encapsulated gold leaf.


I wanted to form a marriage between the perfect shiny gold forms and the speckled clear resin. Packaged within boxes covered in the female form. Hopefully I have achieved my goal, as this project has slowly become a tribute to my friends, in making jewellery to celebrate them. The mixture of the two materials representing that none of them has to be only one thing; they can be both polished and perfect as well as fun and not fully formed. This is the power of the women in my life, as I watch them forever change and grow, slowly becoming more realised in who they are. They inspire me.


The photoshoot was more of a direct exercise in womanhood, although admittedly campy. I spent two days prepping and making props with my mother. My best friend travelled 3 hours to come help and be photographed. The frilly styling. Even the colour scheme, it was all emphatically feminine. Come on, we even had euphemistic fruit.

I was named after my mother’s childhood best friend. My (sort of) middle name and this blog are named after my great grandmother. A formidable woman with absolutely no time for nonsense, running a business and raising a family during the war. Then raising my mum, Nana Rose has become a folkloric figure. I was forged in the image of my mother, a mini me. My mother has a laugh that will light up a room (and be heard a mile away.) Loving so many people, and giving to everyone. She welcomes my friends with open arms, just because that’s what she hopes other mothers would do for her children. I talk to my best friend Cici every day, she is infinitely more intelligent than me. But has the good grace not to hold it against me when I fail to take her advice time and time again. She pushes me to be a better version of myself. We are forever laughing.

When you think about it there was no hope for me. I was forever fated to try to live up to these women. Everything I have ever created is for them. It’s only right that this collection is about them. May they forever be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.

Annelies Hill